Cadia: The World Within is the story of Matthew, David, and Renee Addams, three fourteen-year-olds whose journey into a mystical realm teaches them about grace, love, doubt, and the nature of good versus evil. Cadia makes for an entertaining and emotionally uplifting fantasy, one that provides hope and encourages philosophical discussion on how we interact with the world around us.

Cadia: The World Within is a story about hope - that fleeting and mysterious feeling which seems so absent in our times. The original story concept of Cadia was developed backstage at at a musical. We had been playing a game while waiting for curtain where we would propose story concepts to these three kids that were in the show, and they would pick the one they preferred. I proposed a version of what is now Cadia: The World Within.
The kids —Keegan, Carly, and Tanner Sells— loved it. Over the next two years, writing continued until the screenplay was finished.
Cadia: The World Within is inspired by real people - the three main characters were written around and are being played by none other than that original three, —Keegan, Tanner, and Carly Sells— and real hopes. There is real pain and real joy. The world of Cadia is inspired by the world we leave behind when we step into it. It inspired by religious texts and philosophies and even by one-on-one dialogues that I have had over the years. Cadia: The World Within is, all at once, a deeply personal and widely open tale.



This is a unique story. This is a unique concept. This is an adventure that will get people to believe in each other and in the world again. This is a reminder of what is good and what is necessary in this life. This is a reminder of the intrinsic value of each choice we make. This story is more than just unique. It is exclusive and inclusive. It is joyful. This is Cadia.

Cadia: The World Within is unique because it presents religious thought in a manner that is not closed-minded or “preachy.” It is intended to provide Christian perspective while fostering conversation and appreciation for all people.
I also believe Cadia: The World Within is unique because of the appeal. This is no blockbuster film shot entirely in front of green screen with a recycled plot and tired tropes. This will be a film made with fresh faces and fresh ideas. Cadia is the rare story that takes magic and mystical realms and makes them entirely human and down-to-earth. Even when surrounded by the beauty of Cadia’s landscape, it is impossible to miss the human stories of temptation, redemption, trust, failure, and family. It is impossible to miss that quality of life that seems to be largely absent of late— hope.


Cadia: The World Within's mission is to provide hope in a world darkened by cynicism, hatred, anger, and pride.

Cadia presents Christian ideals that are the most basic in nature - hope, faith, love, and doubt. It does not preach at anyone. It asks questions, but it is not arrogant enough to presume it has the answers. This is (part of) what is missing in the Church today, in my opinion. Perhaps we do not have the answer to every question. Perhaps doubt is okay. There must be a reason Thomas was still loved by Jesus, even through his fears.

It is for this reason that we have decided to shrug off the label of a "Christian film." The connotation that genre carries too often seems to represent films made to appeal to Christians, while we attempt to display that love and hope in a way that appeals to everyone. It is our goal to make a film that can be enjoyed by those of any walk of faith, not just Christians, and to not try to answer questions we do not have answers to. We simply wish to be a light in a darkened world.

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